5 Valleys Roof Surveys

We are an aerial roof surveying company in Stroud, Gloucestershire, offering faster, safer, high value solutions.

  • Save Money

    1. Avoid expensive manual roof surveys and consultancy fees.
  • Save Time

    1. 20-30 minutes for an average survey.
    2. We can organize any repairs for you.
  • Stay Safe

    1. No need for ladders.
    2. We are fully licenced and insured.
    3. We follow official safety and privacy guidelines.
  • Communicate

    1. You can reach us by phone, email, or social media.
    2. You are kept in the loop by our consultant.
    3. We can consult with roofers for you if further work is needed.
  • See Results

    1. Photos emailed to you.
    2. Physical prints for roofers to use.
    3. Close-up details of your roof pitches, chimney stacks, gulleys, and guttering.
    4. Renting or selling your property? Enhance your listings with aerial images!